Custom Power Supplies
DSC Power Solutions Inc.
Custom Power Supplies

Our forte is custom power supply design and development for those special applications within the commercial, industrial, military, and medical industries where a standard product is not available or suitable - we provide a tailor made product.

Custom Power Supply Development
Our business model offers these key benefits to the power supply development process:

  • Minimal nonrecurring engineering (NRE) charge
  • Fast turn prototype development and delivery
  • Rapid prototype to production transition 

We have a qualified staff of power supply engineers with advanced power supply design experience and years of experience that bring affordable design approaches to prototyping and manufacturing of lower volume custom power supplies.

DSC Power Solutions Inc. provides Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) an alternative option for developing a viable custom power supply solution to fit their particular electrical and mechanical requirements.

We offer no charge samples and “build-to-order” production runs for any of our designs. Lead-times may vary depending upon material availability. Some units may require MOQ. Please consult with our sales dept (
email us or call 888-893-0208) for any questions or special requests regarding your particular requirements.

AC to DC Power Supply

Custom Power Supplies

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DSC Power Solutions offers original equipment manufactures (OEM) an alternative source for their custom power supply requirements. We design, develop and manufacturer custom aviation, commercial, military, medical, or industrial power supplies for a wide variety of applications serving industries of all types. We focus on the small to mid-sized OEM where a standard, off the shelf power supply can not meet their unique electrical or mechanical needs of their application. DSC Power Solutions concentrates custom power supply development from 25 watts to 5000 watts. All of our designs are developed in accordance to the latest safety agency standards necessary for global acceptance and are designed to comply with the latest FCC/EMC emissions requirements.

DSC Power Solutions provides medical power supplies complying with IEC601-1 or UL60601-1 (formerly UL2601-1). The principal differences between commercial and medical power supplies concern the need to eliminate the shock hazard to patients and medical teams employed to care for them. Leakage currents represent the primary source of shock hazard and leakage limits and are defined by IEC601-1 and UL60601-1. These standards establish stringent leakage-current requirements for medical power supplies. In many cases, the limits on leakage current are as little as one-tenth of the levels allowed in commercial supplies. In addition, IEC601-1 and UL2601-1 set higher standards for hi-pot testing. Medical power supplies must also satisfy recently introduced standards for power line harmonics as well as established standards for EMI. DSC Power Solutions offers military power supplies that meet the extreme temperature and environmental conditions required by the United States Air Force, Army, Marines, and Navy. We provide supplies and converters that are categorized as full mil to supplies classified as COTS. Most military programs using power supplies or dc to dc converters must meet a set of standards set by the defense agencies and contractors. The most common standards to power supplies and converters are MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-901, MIL-STD1275, & MIL-STD-1399. The majority of military vehicles run on a 28Vdc "bus" including aircraft and missiles. The latest aircraft and helicopters are using 270Vdc as the primary power. The military requires power supply manufacturers to conform to quality and workmanship standards - MIL-E, MIL-I, MIL-Q, & DOD-STD's. DSC Power Solutions offers a variety of outputs, inputs, power ranges, and packages to conform to any military standard or requirement.

DSC Power Solutions offers converters and ac to dc power supplies in a variety of mechanical packages for the OEM power supply customer. Our designs provide a wide variety of output voltages and a full range of power choices for a variety of power supply and converter applications. Some of the key features of our dc power supplies include auto-range/universal input w/PFC, compact size, logic signals, and current sharing. Many of the ac dc power supplies can be modified or customized. Nearly all supplies have UL, CSA, TUV & CE safety agency approvals. For our dc to dc converter offerings, we provide a variety of industry standard formats for the OEM power supply customer which includes a wide variety of input voltages, output voltages and a full range of power choices. Some of the key features of our dc dc include wide and ultra wide range inputs, industry standard sizes, high Isolation, and low noise. Many of the dc to dc converters can be modified or customized. Most of the converters with the 48V input have UL, CSA, TUV & CE safety agency approvals