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DSC Power Solutions offers an alternative to power supply obsolesce or discontinuation of a power supply product line. We welcome the challenge of designing a form, fit and functional equivalent to keep your product in service for as long as you have a market.

Whether your situation is caused by an obsolete power supply or discontinued power supply, DSC Power Solutions would like to evaluate your particular obsolete ac to dc power supply to determine if we can offer you a viable solution.

Our objective is to prove an exact copy or near identical copy that would be a form and fit equivalent. Replicating the physical packaging can be accomplished with a mechanical drawing or dimensions measured from a sample of the supply.

Providing an electrical equivalent will be the biggest challenge. Ideally, we would prefer to work from a schematic and bill of materials, however, in most cases, the required documentation is not available and reverse engineering is not an economical or time productive option. Also, the majority of discontinuing power supply production is caused by component obsolescence and it is very unlikely to find equivalent replacement components. The only option is to design a unit that has the same electrical qualities.

Our design methodology concentrates on a primary fundamental of power supply development. Utilize existing circuit design as the building block for the front end and output sections. We do not want to reinvent an entire circuit unless it is absolutely required. This provides the following benefits to our customer:

  • Lower cost NRE to develop the power supply
  • Shortens lead-time for prototype sample delivery
  • Reduces the risk associated with of a entirely new custom designObsolete Power Supplies

Some of the features we design:

  • High and low voltage Outputs
  • Special Packaging including water tight enclosures.
  • Ultra Wide Range Input
  • Low Noise multi output telecom products
  • Custom specific testing & certification
  • Conformal coating
  • Extended hold up times
  • Reduced noise & ripple
  • Enhanced corrosion protection
  • Non-Standard input and output connectors
  • Wide temperature operation.
  • Ruggedized for shock and vibration.

DSC Power Solutions will provide a cost proposal to offer a form-fit-functional replacement version to allow the end product to continue a production line or provide field replaceable units to maintain the use of the end product.

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