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10,000 Watt, High Voltage (380Vdc), Single Output, Commercial Grade Power Supply

10,000 Watt, High Voltage (380Vdc), Single Output, Commercial Grade Power Supply

This unit is a 10,000 watt, high voltage (380Vdc), single output, commercial grade power supply designed for electronic systems utilizing higher voltage DC.  It is fan cooled providing for a 0° to +50° C operating temperature range. This highly reliable design provides a non-isolated, fixed 380Vdc output. This 10kW high voltage unit can be configured for N+1 hot swap applications and offers input voltage options to accommodate 240 or 480Vac 3-phase, input.

1500 Watt, High Voltage (70-300Vdc), Single Output, Commercial Grade Power Supply

We provide custom high voltage dc power supplies for OEMs in need of output voltages between 70DC to 400Vdc. DSC Power Solutions offers design, development and production of customized HV power supplies for small and medium sized OEMs serving commercial, industrial and military marketplaces.

Our HV power supplies can be modified to operate in harsh environments includ1500 Watt, High Voltage (70-300Vdc), Single Output, Commercial Grade Power Supplying adverse temperature ranges. We also can design to function during abnormal shock and vibration conditions.

Our typical power range specialty is 1500 watts to 10000 watts. We provide either a variable output voltage or a single, fixed voltage output. Most supplies are housed in an enclosed chassis with an internal fan; however, we can change the mechanical packaging to suit your needs. We also offer hot plug modules and a complete “packaged” or custom solutions approach.

The high voltage industrial designs utilize existing circuit design as the building block for the front end and output sections. We prefer to use existing circuit designs; however, we are very capable of designing new sections as required. This provides the following benefits to our customer:
  • Lower cost NRE to develop a customized high voltage power supply
  • Shortens lead-time for prototype sample delivery
  • Reduces the risk associated with of a entirely new custom design

Special custom industrial design features:

  • Weather proof (water tight) enclosures to meet IP67
  • Conformal coating
  • Extended hold up times
  • Reduced noise & ripple
  • Enhanced corrosion protection
  • Wide temperature operatio
  • Ruggedized for shock and vibration.

Applications: Railroad, Transit, Remote Sites, Utility, Energy, Vehicle, Process Controls, etc.

Our goal is to offer an affordable, viable high voltage power solutions to meet your non standard requirements.

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