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DSC Power Solutions is a custom power supply design house. We are in the business of providing custom power supply design solutions for non-standard, non-OTS power supply applications.

We welcome build to specification or build to print requests and gladly offer our assistance in defining and developing a power supply specification to match your particular needs.

Our design approach will take into account the priority of your electrical or mechanical requirements including the system interaction of the application for which the power supply will be used.

Our standard methodology to power supply development is based upon six essential criteria:
  1. Power Supply Design Objectives: Review supply specification to define the specific criteria of the requirement and its application.

  2. Electrical Design Approach: Determine topology to best meet the electrical objectives of the specification in conjunction with maximizing the designs’ efficiency, reliability and manufacturability including consideration of cost ramifications for quantity production runs

  3. Mechanical Design Approach: Establishing the mechanical packaging that maximizes effective heat dissipation, provides secure PCB component placement and stability, allows for functional air flow, secure connection points, and a well-designed mechanical housing or enclosure as required.

  4. Mechanical Assembly Concept: Manufacturability will depend upon the complexity and density of the unit, however, ease of assembly is crucial to eliminating potential or unintended quality problems during the production process.

  5. Thermal Management: Design to maximize thermal dissipation of the principal heat generating components to safeguard from operating in their maximum specified temperature range.

  6. Design Verification & Testing

DSC Power Solutions Inc. delivers innovative design solutions through intelligent analysis and our specialized expertise in analog power technology.

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